South Korea's Black Eagles pull out of Singapore Airshow after aircraft crash

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Embraer commercial aviation chief: We're in talks with Boeing, but there's been no offer yet

Asia is a land of opportunity for defense contractors, says Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is developing 'drone-frying' laser CANNONS under $150 million contract from US Navy

Lockheed sees demand for additional 400 F-16 jets over 10 years: executive

China sends Su-35 fighter jets for South China Sea patrol

South Korea's Black Eagles pull out of Singapore Airshow after aircraft crash

Floating through space, SpaceX's 'Starman' mesmerizes the world


FAA Working To Implement Comprehensive Testing Solution

U.S. Marks Largest International Presence At Singapore Air Show 2018

EASA Issues Single Production Organization Approval To Airbus Helicopters

FAA, EASA Approve Active Winglets For Cessna Citation Aircraft

Bangkok Air Orders More ATR 72-600s

NASA Aims For 2020 Dream Chaser Launch

Airbus hopes to mitigate fiscal harm in A400M program row

Images reveal progress on Japan’s C-2 intelligence-gathering variant

​SINGAPORE: Lockheed promotes IRST for region’s fighters


Gulfstream nears certification for G500

SINGAPORE: Lockheed's Carvalho kiboshes SR-72 idea

Sikorsky partners with Rheinmetall for German CH-53K bid

PICTURES: Lufthansa unveils new livery on Boeing 747-8I

​SINGAPORE: Focus on non-passenger variants for future 747 sales

​Lufthansa would only take over 'restructured' Alitalia

​SINGAPORE: Boeing studying three 'different’ NMA engine designs

SINGAPORE: Airbus explores A320neo military derivatives

SINGAPORE: Bombardier expects CRJ to ride replacement wave

SINGAPORE: Embraer sees 3,000 new jets for APAC over 20 years

SINGAPORE: Bangkok Airways signs for four ATR 72s

SINGAPORE: RSAF unveils special F-15SG livery to commemorate anniversary

SINGAPORE: Detailed design starts on 737 Max 10

SINGAPORE: Piper wins $74 million trainer order

SINGAPORE: Airbus Aerial unit opens shop in Singapore

Boeing: Still ‘A Lot’ To Be Decided On NMA (SUBSCRIPTION ACCESS)

Boeing Reaches 737-10 Firm Configuration (SUBSCRIPTION ACCESS)

Airbus Secures Accord To Slow A400M Deliveries (SUBSCRIPTION ACCESS)

Congressman Sharply Rebukes USAF Over Pilot Oxygen Problems (SUBSCRIPTION ACCESS)

Airbus To Offer A320neo To Military Customers

China’s Ehang Flying Passengers In Autonomous Air Taxi Tests (SUBSCRIPTION ACCESS)

FAA Plans Rollout Of Drone Authorization System

It Makes Sense For Boeing And Embraer To Join Forces

NASA provides Dream Chaser with Authority To Proceed for maiden ISS mission

TRAPPIST-1 Planets Could Harbor 250 Times More Water Than Earth's Oceans

'A Car in Deep Space': Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster Leaves Earth With 'Easter Eggs'

No, Space X's Falcon Heavy Has Not Passed Mars Already

Radiation Will Tear Elon Musk's Rocket Car to Bits in a Year

Magnetic 'Cages' on the Sun Could Limit the Strength of Dangerous Solar Flares

So Long, Starman! Skywatchers Spot Falcon Heavy Leaving Earth's Orbit

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster Is Headed to the Asteroid Belt

Lost … and Found: IMAGE Satellite in 'Good Shape,' NASA Says

Rocky-Planet-Like Atmospheres Are Possible on 3 TRAPPIST-1 Planets

'Crazy Things Can Come True': Elon Musk Reacts to Falcon Heavy Launch Success

‘Starman’ puts Earth in the rearview mirror

SpaceX debuts world’s most powerful rocket, sends Tesla into solar system

Audio: Elon Musk speaks with reporters after Falcon Heavy test launch

Airbus Helicopters and Thai Aviation Industries to Support Royal Thai Armed Forces and Police helicopters

Airbus Helicopters Starts the Year with New Orders and Deliveries in Japan


MHI Delivers Aft Fuselage Panels for the First 777X, Boeing's Next-Generation Wide-Body Airliner

Naval Aviation to Receive About 50 Modernised Ka-27 Helicopters

Maiden Flight of Hawk-i with Indigenous RTOS Developed by HAL

Defence Ministry to Procure 114 Ka-52 Helicopters Under New State Armaments Programme

Russia to Deliver 6 Additional Yak-130 Aircraft to Myanmar

Next Sukhoi Superjet is a 75 seater

SINGAPORE: ATR downplays re-engining option

SINGAPORE: Boeing firms 737 MAX 10 design

IATA, CAAS to partner on aviation safety predictive analytics center

SINGAPORE: China Southern, Triumph agree to nacelle MRO JV

SINGAPORE: Two more MRJs to join flight-test program

SINGAPORE: No formal Boeing proposal yet for Embraer combination

SINGAPORE: Airbus Integration ‘top priority’ for Bombardier

Northrop Grumman Wins $429 Million for Two Extremely High Frequency Data Payloads

Russia Plans to Purchase Additional 114 Ka-52 Helicopters Under New State Arms Program

Myanmar To Receive Six Additional Yak-130 Combat Trainers This Year

Indian Government Clarifies Rafale Fighter Jet Deal

Boeing P8, Saab Swordfish in Contention for S Korea Maritime Patrol Aircraft Buy

Iran Begins Mass Production of Attack Drone

South African Light Reconnaissance, Attack Aircraft to Begin Production

Mitsubishi Heavy Delivers Fuselage Panels for First Boeing 777X

Lockheed Martin JASSM-ER Missile Achieves Full Operational Capability on F-15E Fighter Jet

HAL Flies Hawk-i Trainer Jet with Locally-made Real Time Operating System

Boeing 737 MAX 10 reaches firm configuration

Russian naval aviation to get about 50 modernized Ka-27 helicopters by 2020

Russia to launch military satellite in spring




김제·고령 등 2곳에 '드론 전용 비행구역'


중국의 COMAC, 2021년에 첫 비행기 인도 계획

"러시아군 신형 5세대 전투기 Su-57 시험 운용 시작"

중국, 수호이-35 첫 남중국해 순찰비행...주변국에 무력시위

340억원대 '사기대출' KAI 협력사 대표 1심서 징역 3년

전남도-부산시 '남해안 탄성 소재 벨트' 공동 추진

“IFEZ, 글로벌 항공기업 투자유치에 나섰다”

[단독] 요격 고도 2배 높은 신형 패트리엇 사온다

[박희준의 新육도삼략] 해상초계기 외국서 도입 등 전력 증강 박차

‘14세 드론 세계챔프’ 육군 홍보대사 임명 까닭은?




NASA, 화성에서 ‘올챙이 모양 분화구’ 포착

팰컨 헤비에 실린 전기차, 화성 넘어 소행성대까지 진입할 듯

머스크의 전기차, 10억년간 태양계 돈다

머스크의 마션 꿈 성큼 … 테슬라 전기차 우주 유영 쇼

중국 관영언론, '스페이스X' 로켓에 "中, 美 따라가려면 멀었다"

[떠나자 우주여행] 인공위성을 찾아라




출국 얼마나 빨라졌나···제2터미널 개장한 인천공항 가보니


앞으로 공항시설관리·조류퇴치 등 항공업무에 드론 활용


[단독]인천공항공사, 제1터미널 '면세품 인도장' 통합·확장한다

[항공업계 ′유엔′ IATA… 쥐니악 사무총장 평가]″인천공항 T2 확장, 세계 모범사례″

지난달 제주행 항공기 4대 중 1대는 지연·결항


제주공항 활주로 폐쇄 여파 운항 차질…73편 결항·91편 지연

제주공항 일시 폐쇄...결항·지연 속출

[단독] 공항공사 부사장에 국토부 관리…낙하산?

공군 18전비행단 "활주로 이물질을 제거하라"

김해 신공항대책 민관협의회 정부측 관계자 참여 논란




대한항공, '청와대 국민청원' 승무원 연차사용 손본다

저가 항공사들, 고객만족도 “아직은”

UA,'태극기 휘날리며' 연기할 미국 피겨퀸 가족 평창항공권 지원

터키항공, '특가밖에 모르는 당신을 위한 특기사'프로모션 실시

[단독]대한항공, 연수중인 인턴 승무원 근무 투입…“안전성·서비스질 우려”

北김여정 등 고위급대표단, 내일 전용기로 인천공항 통해 방남(종합2보)

베트남항공, 2월 로터스페셜 프로모션..하노이 왕복 28만원

싱가포르에어라인, 블록체인 기반 디지털 지갑 출시

에어포항, 첫 손님 환영 축하행사

대한항공 지난해 영업이익 9천562억원…11.4%↓

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